Geoff Cutmore

Strategic Partner

Geoff Cutmore is an internationally recognised face of business and finance news. He anchored CNBC’s flagship Squawk Box program in Asia and Europe for nearly 30 years and made regular appearances on NBC, MSNBC and Sky News.

Geoff regularly anchored and moderated at the IMF/World Bank Autumn meetings in Washington DC, also hosting fireside interviews with the Head of the IMF and World Bank.

He has moderated the prestigious WEF Global Economic Outlook panel whilst anchoring in Davos for more than 20 years.

Geoff has interviewed many European leaders, every President of the European Central Bank, and the last three Governors of the Bank of England.

He describes his career highlight as being called a ‘scary man’ by President Putin in a globally broadcast interview in St Petersburg in 2014.

Geoff wrote New Market Mavericks (2004) to positive reviews and has written for Investors Chronicle, The Nation and Money Market.

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