Dr Rupy cooking
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Citi: Food as medicine


B2B marketers are embracing influencer marketing with good reason. According to a recent survey, 86% of B2B brands consider their influencer campaigns successful.

In line with this trend, we partnered with Dr. Rupy from the Doctor's Kitchen to explain the "Food is medicine" movement for Citi's Healthcare, Consumer, and Wellness magazine. The concept reflects the growing movement towards personalised healthcare and new-age consumer consumption models. Filmed in Casey Wishart's Satwant Wishart's kitchen, Dr. Rupy shared his expertise while preparing a delicious broccoli, edamame, and bean salad.

To enhance the interview, our Creative Partner, Audrey Anastasy, envisioned using 19th-century botanical illustrations. However, when she couldn't find any images of ancient engravings of edamame online, she turned to AI for a creative solution.

The interview featured in the second edition of Citi’s Healthcare, Consumer, and Wellness magazine which includes thematic thought leadership articles across digital healthcare, AI in drug development, genetic testing, food supply chain and R&D in food and beverage. See some infographics from the magazine below.