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abrdn: Real estate


Help raise awareness of abrdn’s joint ventures in real estate and its infrastructure investment capabilities. Underline the performance and purpose-driven outcomes of the ventures.


Expertise-led live action videos that explain how abrdn’s partnerships are benefitting both society and creating opportunities for investors.

To highlight abrdn's investment in student housing in collaboration with MYS Living, we chose Edinburgh Freshers' Week as our filming location. An expert from MYS Living presented the package, interviewing students to gather their perspectives on the housing crisis and showcasing innovative solutions.

We were also tasked with creating a fun social media promo, playfully addressing the fact that most people don’t know how to pronounce MYS.

Another video in the series served to underline abrdn’s infrastructure investment capabilities.

The video content from Casey Wishart is in a class of its own. Everything from conception to inception is managed expertly by the team, with no compromise on the message. The format is succinct and dynamic and, most importantly, generates excellent engagement with our audience.

Karen Page, Senior Marketing Manager - Alternatives, abrdn